EURASIP Student Travel Grants

EUSIPCO is the flagship conference of EURASIP. In order to promote participation of students, EURASIP offers each year several grants. The program is intended to enable students who lack funding opportunities to attend EUSIPCO. 


Each grant consists of an amount of up to 750 euros to partially cover conference registration and travel expenses, including airfare (economy flights only), accommodation, subsistence, and other expenses incurred during the conference. 

The stipends will be granted on reimbursement basis. Recipients must provide to the EURASIP Director for Finances original invoices no later than one month after conclusion of the conference. 


Active Ph.D. students as well as M.Sc. students are eligible to apply for this grant. They must be a co-author of an accepted article at EUSIPCO. Students who are first author of an accepted manuscript in either a regular or a special session will be given preference. Recipients are required to personally present their manuscript at the conference. The grant will be awarded to students who need a financial support to attend the conference; the paper quality will also be taken into consideration in the selection process. 

Applicants from European Neighbor Countries ( are especially encouraged to apply. 

Only one student paper will be considered and only one grant per team in an institution can be awarded. 


Applicants must fill in and send the form to no later than June 28th, 2023

Evaluation committee 

The evaluation committee is composed of the EURASIP director for Membership, the EURASIP Director for Awards, and EURASIP Student Activities co-chairs. 

Application form 

The application form can be retrieved from the following link .