Mathworks Workshop

EUSIPCO 2023 will feature a MathWorks Workshop (Free upon registration to all EUSIPCO participants!) 

AI and Signal Processing in real world applications with MATLAB 

Wednesday, 6th of September, 12:30–14:00
Location: EUROPAEA 

Workshop overview 

Engineers and scientists are revolutionizing various fields through the application of AI in Signal Processing, such as designing advanced radar systems for enhancing automotive safety, ensuring the safe journey of NASA's Orion Spacecraft to the moon, employing AI to prevent cyberattacks, and utilizing machine learning to address cardiac arrhythmias, thereby mending broken hearts. 

When confronted with such real problems, complex challenges arise, and the field of AI is no exception. From working with limited datasets and selecting the most suitable models to managing implementation costs while delivering state-of-the-art performance, numerous challenges arise when implementing AI in real-world scenarios. Engineers are also using a spectrum of signal processing methods to simplify AI models and enhance signal dataset quality. 

This workshop will provide practical code examples to explore the latest MATLAB updates in Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The key topics covered will include: 

  • Labeling, augmenting, and synthesizing signal datasets for deep learning 
  • Enhancing datasets and simplifying models through preprocessing and feature extraction 
  • Developing and training novel deep learning architectures using MATLAB 
  • Using state-of-the-art AI models and interoperability with other frameworks 
  • Scaling up model training and feature extraction with local and cloud compute, including GPUs 
  • Generating embedded prototypes, encompassing signal processing and deep learning functionalities. 
  • (For Educators) Advancing signal processing education with MathWorks teaching resources 
  • Examples of real-world applications 
  • Resources and opportunities to collaborate with MathWorks 

MATLAB familiarity is desirable but not strictly required. Consider taking 2-hour MATLAB Onramp if you are new to MATLAB. 

Speaker Profile 

Akhil Gopinath is the Artificial Intelligence Academic Liaison at MathWorks, leading AI projects across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He is dedicated to fostering collaboration between industry and academia, with a particular emphasis on partnering with esteemed research and academic institutions. By doing so, Akhil enables engineers and scientists in harnessing the power of MATLAB and Simulink for effectively utilizing AI and have a positive impact on the world. Akhil possesses expertise in AI, Machine Learning, IT/OT Automation, Advanced Process Control, Chemical Process Modeling & Simulation, and Optimization. His contributions to the field include publications in Reduced Order or Surrogate AI modeling for multiphase systems, as well as developing global optimization algorithm for quick and robust parameter estimation.