RedPitaya Workshop

EUSIPCO 2023 will feature a RedPitaya Workshop (Free upon registration to all EUSIPCO participants!)

Harnessing Red Pitaya for Signal Processing Education and Research 

Tuesday, 5th of September, 13:55–14:30
Location: EUROPAEA 

Workshop overview 

Signal processing education and research have taken a significant leap with tools like Red Pitaya. From simplifying signal acquisitions using its oscilloscope and generator to enabling advanced signal processing through FPGA programming, Red Pitaya emerges as the go-to tool for students, educators, and researchers alike. 

In this brief presentation, we delve into: 

  • Introduction to Red Pitaya: The ideal companion for students embarking on their signal processing journey 
  • Getting Started: Demonstrating the ease with which students can connect with Red Pitaya via a browser and SSH. Watch as we demonstrate signal acquisitions using Red Pitaya's built-in tools. 
  • Signal Acquisition and Generation: Empowering students with SCPI commands, laying a solid foundation for their signal processing endeavors. 
  • Advanced Signal Processing with FPGA: A look into programming Red Pitaya's FPGA using Vivado, unlocking potential for advanced projects and research. 
  • Red Pitaya in Action: Real-world examples showcasing Red Pitaya's versatility, from radar applications to other innovative signal processing solutions. 
  • Engaging Educational Tool: How Red Pitaya enhances signal processing learning experiences for educators and paves the way for cutting-edge research. 

We will conclude with a Q&A session, providing you the opportunity to gain deeper insights and ask questions. 

Note for Attendees: While this presentation is designed for those familiar with signal processing, newcomers eager to embrace the future of signal processing with Red Pitaya are most welcome.

Speaker Profile 

Miha Gjura is a Technical Specialist at Red Pitaya, a Slovenian company renowned for developing versatile open-source software-defined instruments and FPGA development platforms. His expertise lies in OS testing, Python programming, FPGA, and C development, enabling significant contributions to enhance and optimize Red Pitaya's innovative solutions. Miha's dedication to education is evident in preparing workshops for students using the Red Pitaya platform, empowering the next generation of engineers and scientists with practical insights. He recently led a hackathon challenge at UCSD, showcasing the innovative capabilities of Red Pitaya's products and fostering exploration of new technological frontiers. Furthermore, Miha serves as a valuable resource for Red Pitaya users, offering troubleshooting assistance and support to maximize the potential of their devices in projects and research endeavours.